I got me a Honda, it's the size of a trout,
and I'm headin' on down to a dirt shack.
I got me a Honda, it doesn't seat many,
so hurry up! --and bring a girl named Jenny!

"As a member of the armed services, specifically the branch that makes flying killy-things, I cannot stress enough what disappointment I would feel to be without qeyser's presence in North Carolina next month... Oh indeed. In fact, I would anticipate being so distraught that I would be beyond all consolation - save for the possibility of his participating in some of my free-lance field research in low altitude rocketry aerodynamics."

--Official Statement from Jurph's Publicity Reps.

My reputation apparently precedes me, so I won't be bringing explosives, but I will be bringing guests in my now-infamous Honda. At least two of them if all goes well, with none tied to the hood. At the very least, there will be one mystery non-noder who some of you may know, and another mystery non-noder who some of you definitely know. I promise the following about my mystery guests:

And because I'm a helluva guy, I'm bringing some stuff to eat and drink. Vernor's ginger ale, perhaps a corn pone... I think a drum of pretzels or at least some Pizzeria Pretzel Combos. One mystery guest, for those of you playing along at home, will probably be bringing Jameson Irish Whiskey, one will probably bring some rum and some Coke, and I will be bringing The Blue Drink, concentrated form, and Sprite. Ethanol, though not my drug of choice, mixes well with most oxidizers. Oh, and qeyser? I've got your dialogue....RIGHT HERE.

I can neither confirm nor deny the identity of the mystery guests.