A very rebellious song from Tom Petty's 1989 masterpiece Full Moon Fever, featuring George Harrison on acoustic guitar and backing vocals, as well as Howie Epstein. Even better, it makes a great all purpose rebellious youth theme song, because, despite being very adamant about not backing down, Tom never bothers to say what he's not backing down from. This makes for a good toe tapping rock tune, but if anyone ever tells you it's the song that best sums up their personality, well, they're probably stubborn and not a little closed minded.

As an interesting and (cough cough) totally unrelated note, George W. Bush used this as campaign music at his Presidential campaign stops. Precisely because of its vagueness, it makes a great non-commital statement of strength, without the baggage of a similar Bob Dylan song, that doubtless refers to a great historical event. Despite its awesome utility for GWB's purposes, Tom Petty remains a Californian, and told Dubya, in no uncertain terms, to back down.