I will kiss the Girl From Venus!1

Flowers die and so will I.

I will kiss the Girl From Venus: for sCience!

  1. I greeted each of these noders within their first 24 hours on E2. I typically include links to the Perfect Node, E2 Clueless (newbie) mistakes to avoid, /msg, and the Power Structure of Everything2 in my greeting. Two noders this month wrote back and thanked me for the friendly welcome. I take this as a sign that I'm doing some good.
  2. cpt is a new noder who started to write a series of nodes about shotguns and the mechanics of reloading one's own shells. This (the writing, not the reloading) is a common problem with noders who are otherwise very attentive to our rules. It seems like the desire exists to create a vaguely inbred series of definitions and jargon from one topic, and then slowly integrate their own nodespace with the nodegel. Can we (or do we already) address this in one of the FAQs?