Almost-a-village of a town in Sussex County, Delaware, population less than 100. Products are poultry, pigs, and corn. There isn't any town to speak of, just lines on a map around the farms. Technically, bordered by Roxana, Fenwick Island, and the Assowoman Canal, but the town's name is used as a catch-all to describe the "town" that any of the farmers between Roxana, DE and Bethany Beach, DE inhabit, e.g.: "I'm from Bayard--down to the swamp, out by the Evans farm."

I went to St. Andrew's, a prep school about two hours' drive away, with a girl whose last name was "Evans," which is one of the five last names in Bayard, but I never made the connection until the end of my sophomore year when I saw her address in the yearbook. She affected a city folk attitude and spent a lot of chicken-money on the very trendiest clothes, so nobody would guess her deep dark secret. I believe I could have blackmailed her, but why bother? If she doesn't have any pride in her hometown, then those of us from Sussex County are happy to be quit of her.

If I told someone from Bayard where their town got its name, they'd spit. Folks in Bayard don't truck with fancy fairy tales and such.