This was one of the strangest, and if I ever figure it out, probably one of the most meaningful dreams I've ever had.

I was with my parents. We went into some kind of strange office, but nobody was in there. So my parents sit me down and explain to me that even though I've already had all four of my wisdom teeth removed, I need to have another surgery in order to remove a second set of wisdom teeth which has started to grow in the empty sockets.

So then another person walks in the door behind me. I look up and its the chancellor of my college (whom I've talked to on several occasions. He's a really nice guy).

The chancelor then explains to me that the people performing the surgery will be him and my parents. Then my parents inform me that they've decided to do the surgery without any anisthetic.

I got really scared at that point. The dream proceeded to me approaching the place where the surgery was to take place, and then I woke up.