Today, at the public library, I did something terrible.

50 fluid ounces of Coke can do something to a man, and even more to a 13-year-old semi-adolescent such as myself. Not wishing to do the "potty dance" (if you will) all the way home, I dropped by the men's room in the lobby before leaving.

Now, in this bathroom, there are 2 urinals and 2 stalls. Perhaps the city could have spent less money on fancy carpets and more on proper facilities. Anyway, making the situation even worse, one of these 2 urinals is a "kiddy" urinal. Thoughtlessly, I took the good one. Of course, as soon as I choose, a grown man walks in.

I forced this man, who must have been at least 8 inches taller and 40 years older than me, into the child's urinal! I have committed the ultimate crime!

From now on, I shall respect my elders. Sir, if you are a member of Everything, I give you my humble apologies - I was the kid with the striped shirt and the backpack.