Judging is in full swing and here are the almighty Judge C's comments on some contestants so far.

Miss Democratic Republic of the Congo, AKA LaggedyAnne has done an excellent job telling us about this huge country. A pleasant chatty style combined with a series of meaningful facts and interesting tidbits makes this emminently readable. A nice short overview of the country's history rounds of this commendable entry and a final ps encouraging an end to hunger is most comforting, I haven't had lunch today and I am ravenous.

Miss Suriname, AKA Scribe has taken a revolutionary approach to the round. Her fact packed summary provides us with astonishing detail all in the guise of a life study of a young Surinamese lady and her lover. While the write up struggles to provide as full a picture as other entries its innovative style and approach lend it an interesting edge. I have heard mutterings from the more traditional judges, particularly the American and Russian members of the team that they are dissapointed at this departure from a well established tradition of these Pageants but I have taken to this plucky young competitor.

Miss Spain, AKA OckerJoe has chosen a toughy in tackling the complex history of this nation. He struggles slightly from trying to include a little too much detail and his geography section is extremely confusing. I would also beg to differ that any of the people listed under "What has Spain done for me?" have done anything for me at all, regardless of their artistic, literary or musical achievements. Finally unless Miss Spain makes more effort to check her grammar and punctuation I may be tempted to sabotage those 4 inch stilletos and cause a spectacular fall.

Miss Serbia, AKA CatherineB has managed to deal with a country that has only just decided where it is. She deals comprehensively with the complex and war torn history of the nation managing to make it interesting despite the stream of forgettable accented names. I was slightly dissapoited to see very little information about Serbian culture and the land itself. An excellent and informative write up but perhaps lacking that personal touch.

Miss Ethiopia, AKA izubachi tells us the fascinating history of this once mighty African nation. Again there is little about the country itself or its culture but the history certainly grabs the attention. A commendable effort.

Miss Federated States of Micronesia, AKA Orange Julius here we see the talent of quality country selection. However Miss F. S. Micronesia does not stop there, she gives a stunning overview of every aspect of this unique nation. We learn about early settlers, its history, its fascinating culture and its place in the modern developing world. Most importantly of all we hear about the Yapese and the Chuukese Lovestick, superb.