And they're off!

(We're just sooooo excited!)

The Contestants in the Everything Noder Pageant™ 2003 have started posting their writeups and its time for you to start C!hinging, upvoting, ed cooling and picking your favourite.

Today is the deadline for the Regional Finals where the contestants each node a country for them to represent during the Pageant Proper. Have a little read, I'm sure you'll agree that the countries are truly honoured to be represented by these gorgeous contestants.

    Spain - tu mama chupa verga y come culo in la strada -- well he did say learn a bit of the lingo before you go :P

    Democratic Republic of Congo - or is that Zaire? No?

    Suriname - a near first-person account of the harshness of 3rd world life!


    Federated States of Micronesia - check this out to read about the Chuukese Lovestick, hehehe

    Serbia - Finally, somebody clears up the mysteries of how they started the first world war and why NATO bombed them.

    Ethiopia - not just those What's the second fastest mamal? jokes, huh?

    Portugal - book your summer holiday NOW!

    Norway - Fijords... what more can I say??

    Canada - Miss Canada is gonna get Citizen of the Year for this. Seriously. Not that we're biased in any way. Hell no.

    Turkmenistan - watch for mention of the lovestick in the tradition node


    Australia - They may be the only team to play in Zimbabwe, but that's no reason to boycott this excellent writeup!

    Thailand - all you ever wanted to know about Thailand, or where to find it, and even WHY you wanted to know

    Iraq - this is garbage, don't bother

The rest will be hardlinked when they're posted. Hurry now, go read!

Meanwhile, we'll be spending the next few days scoring these writeups and we'll get Frankie to post on the Pageant node as soon as the scores are in. Just remember though, this round's scores won't count for the actual Pageant contest and the selection of the final five.