Actually, what it comes down to is: Defense.

If you find the system that you believe in, under attack, by someone, would you stand by & let them continously rip at it? Of course not..

Many people will take great pride in pointing out the errors of capitalism. But once someone dares to touch their precious Communism, Socialism, etc. They're a fringe character, who should be mocked, & downvoted into eternity. And remember, Libertarians are not a good example of capitalists. Their belief is "Freedom for all, but only if it's My brand of Freedom."

A good example of a Capitalist is someone who is a Democratic Capitalist. They believe in the system, but continually work at it. No system is perfect, no matter how much one might like to believe. But you work at it, & it gets better.

I do feel that, to a degree, a person is defined by their work. Michaelangelo, Socrates, Tina Turner. All very different people, And very different examples. But for the most part, they've been defined by their work. Their work in this case, is art. Different forms of art, yes, but still art.

A person can be defined to a degree by their personality, but most people have a drive in life. That drive is usually to work on something. Their work defines them. Maybe their "work" isn't their 9-5, but something they do on the side. Just because it doesn't result in a paycheck, does not mean that it does not count as work.

You have a goal, you strive for it, it's work. You poured yourself into it.

The node at the top of this page describes: "Often identifiable due to rabid rantings against socialism and communism..."

Does anyone feel that this writeup can be described in such a way?

And then goes onto say: " often present, maybe not as strongly, in many republicans."

Now, I guess it seems pretty fun to go after the Republicans...gotta have a hobby, right?

"Vicious commentary about freeloaders..."
Whats wrong with working for your fair share? I can see if someone hits the skids, & needs a month or so to get their shit back together, but christ, years? WTF man? Theres a 2 year max. for welfare now, thankfully...which is a good thing. This desire to help everyone might be good, but remember, it's at the expense of someone else. Help one, but step on another. But step on them as long as you don't like them, or don't agree with them, & it becomes OK?

I think not...

And for the Record, I am NOT DMan...