Whooaa! This barely sratches the surface! Just a few curses from the Land of cursing...

Boul dracului: You are the devil's oxen (male version)

Vaca dracului: You are the devil's cow (female version)

Du-te in pizda ma-ta: **** your mother's ****

Arde-l-ar focul: May fire consume it (said about something you don't like)

Minca-t-as: I would eat the ****ing thing (ibid)

Sa mori tu, mama dracului ce esti: May you die, devil's mother that you are.

Putuoare nesimtite: You unfeeling, lazy whore.

Tantalau Nenoricit: You miserable mother's boy.

(Very popular:) Du-te dracului: Go to the devil.

Not as popular, but hardly rare): Du-te in curul dracului: Go **** the devil's ass.

I suppose I could go on, but I think there wouldn't be any point. If anyone wants some more Romanian curses, go ahead and message me. I won't judge you.