This is a freer translation, done with the help of a damn good dictionary, and consulting about 35 other translations, all of which are good, but none of which catches the combination of freedom and intricacy which this poem has in the original...(Not that I caught it myself, but a guy's got to try...)

I see flowers on the door and I have a jug of wine

But I have no friends to share this joy of mine.

I lift my glass to invite the moon's shine

And if you add my shadow – well, that’s three.

Now the moon, my brothers, doesn’t like good wine

And my shadow just follows me – but hell, that’s fine...

The moon is my friend and my shadow's the thing

that the moon and I need to welcome the spring

The moonlight dances a jig when I sing

When I dance like a drunkard my shadow takes win

Your poet, when sober, had us three all in tie

But when I got drunk my shadow and moon said goodbye

Alone or together my shadow, me and the ray

Dance to the end of the milky way