Truly, that was a memorable day.. :-) And I actually remember everything because I drank only three beers..

It was awesome. The sun was nice and warm, the wind was just right, my salami went sour because of the heat, The Flower Pot Men was a notable success, our overseas friends were very nice, Simppa's underground jamming facility's drums were in VERY bad shape..

.. I burned my nose in the sun ..

Thanks for everyone who showed up! We'll have to meet on a Friday or Saturday next time so that no-one has to limit their boozing. I myself had 200km to drive after the meeting so my intoxication was quite modest.. Maybe that was a good thing afterall.. :-)

Oh, by the way.. We left because we really had to go to work on Monday.

.. another case of "you had to be there", but that's inevitable when you talk about things like this.