Too much news about people I didn't vote for doing things I don't agree with makes me go into rant mode. It doesn't raise the bar, but it does perhaps illustrate exactly the way I feel today. I guess that makes it daylog material...

At last someone in power is starting to speak out.

The collective policies of this administration are really starting to drag me down. Does anyone remember those few years when we weren't racking up debt? How about the period of time when "ally" meant "friend" and not "country who rubberstamps our war"? I don't want to hit someone first and I don't want to be drafted to fight in some decades-long guerilla war in the middle east. Fighting on a pretense didn't work in Southeast Asia, what makes people think it will work now?

We had a surplus for a while. Remember that? Remember the good feeling you got from knowing that you were paying back the cost of beating back totalitarian Stalinism? Remember how nice it felt to know that we weren't passing on more $17,000 debt per person to the next generation? Well, in two years we seem to have gone from prosperity to rampaging debt. And Enron got away with it. And so did WorldCom. And nobody cares.

I'm sick of the backdoor attacks on a woman's right to choose. I'm sick of the hypocrisy from on high. I'm sick of compassionate conservatism that neither conserves nor is compassionate. I'm sick of voting one way, just like all my friends, and having the outcome be exactly the opposite. I'm sick of loving my country in the abstract and hating my current leaders. I'm sick of having to explain to all of my friends overseas that I am not like the man on top: that I'll listen if you speak to me, that I believe that peace is preferable to war, that I don't lie all the time, and that I DON'T WANT WORLD WAR III.

When it's built, sign me up. Send me to the Moon or Mars. They're not first strike targets.

When did the future switch from being a promise to being a threat?