A financial news pundit that worked at CNBC’s highest rated programs like Market Wrap and Power Lunch and Business Insiders. In July of 1996, Cavuto moved to the Fox News Network to become their anchor for their financial news hour called Your World with Cavuto and to be their managing editor of business news. He was later promoted to vice president of business news when his show became one of the fastest growing business news shows on cable.

Cavuto actually hosts two shows, Your World and Cavuto On Business, the former being a daily weekday show wrapping up all the events that occurred in the day while the latter being the weekly program highlighting the week’s most important business news.

Cavuto went through his chops by being a contributor to NBC’s Today Show as well as NBC News at Sunrise. He has 20 years of financial reporting experience behind him including working for awhile at PBS and various other print magazines covering some of the most important business events like the 1987 stock market crash, the Ma Bell breakup and the Union Carbide chemical disaster in India. Cavuto was also ranked among the most influential business journalists in America by The Journalist and Financial Reporter. He was also nominated for five CableACE awards. He has been voted the best business TV interviewer for four years running.

Cavuto also has a big head and he knows it.