So there I was, working at the local multiplex, in beautiful downtown, Hazlet, New Jersey.

Standard concession deal, popcorn that cost way too much, soda that cost way too much, and so forth. Customer comes up, orders food, is horrified at the cost. So far, nothing unusual. So she proceeds to grill me about the cost, ranting and raving. Well, hell, lady, I just work here. Still, me being me, I was much nicer and professional about it, but the upshot was still "I don't make the prices, I'm not the one responsible here, do you want the damn malt balls or not?"

So this woman, steps back, gets this "I see what the deal is" look, and says, completely without irony:

"Oh, I see. You're 'just following orders'. That's just what the Nazis said at Nuremburg. You're no better then the FUCKING NAZIS!"


Now look, I was famous there, literally, for handling of customers. But this was too much, and I don't think I have ever given a more disdainful laugh than that moment.

Yep. Murdering six million people. Charging $2.75 for a large Pepsi.... yeah. that's roughly the same.