(Foreword: This is to do with magic, not racist slur)

Some of the wizard's of Europe, it was said, learned forbidden knowledge in a school presumed to be in Spain - a cavern reached by winding staircases leading far into the earth and sealed from the sunlight by iron doors.

Except for their own murmurings, the scholars had a silent schooling. They saw no schoolmaster and heard no responses to their questions: The answers they asked for each night appeared in the morning as letters that glowed and faded on the pages of their books or shone from the cavern walls. No servants brought the wizards sustenance. Instead, a shaggy arm hand thrust out of the walls the food and drink they required. No fee was asked for save one - that the last man to leave each class give his body and soul to the schoolmaster, whose name was satan.

There is only one student to have finished last and escaped intact, but it was said that demons awaited him as he lay on his deathbed.