Well, this day threw a few curve balls at me (nothing major, merely things that upset the general drudgery of my daily life).

To start with, it seemed that time was not behaving itself, this shall not be mentioned again until I can form some kind of concrete evidence that I wasn't just hallucinating or until I get a new watch.

I also encountered some kind of 'mega-borging', that lasted nigh on two hours (although apparently this is no record, with borgings lasting days in some cases). An interesting side effect of which appeared to be immunity to further borgings. I did not have the time nor the inclination to test this theory, and hopefully will avoid such a situation in the future.

Perhaps the most disruptive occurrence of the day was a new fear. I got in the lift, as usual for every morning, and it was not long before I noticed slight difficulty breathing. This concerned me. I've never been truly comfortable in a lift, but it couldn't be the onset of claustrophobia - I have little to no trouble with crowds of people seemingly intent on crushing me to death, or with enclosed spaces.

So I thought to myself, why should I have trouble now, when I'm trapped in a poorly ventilated metallic coffin, suspended only by thin cables of metal which could succumb to the stress laid upon them at any moment?

I'm not sure, but I'm fairly certain people noticed my haste as I left the elevator prematurely and hurriedly.

I've only taken the lifts from the basement since then (no other way up), though I'm sure the extra stair climbing is doing me some good. But I really must wonder, does walking burn more calories than cold fear?


It's been nearly a month, and I'm relatively over my new fear.

The only problem I had was when I decided to bite the bullet and save time going up a few floors. I'm convinced the sadist who got on after me knew I wasn't exactly relaxed and asked "Room for one more?"

Not exactly the kind of thing to put you at ease.