I was getting in some extra sleep but forgot to turn off my watch alarm, thus after 7.00am I was slightly awake and able to dream in an almost lucid fashion.

The scene was set as the room I shared with my brother back home - only the dimensions were larger and none of his (or my) possessions were present.
Instead there were piles of books, and boxes stacked to head height and higher. Where there should've been a TV there was instead a bed in which slept what I perceived to be a small child.

Despite being (for all appearances) deep asleep, I had the impression that this child had being frightened by some kind of animal - I figured I'd look for this animal and get rid of it.

After a few minutes of searching I came across one of the windows (which I though was odd seeing as I'd passed this point earlier and the window had not been present - I also noted that this window was the only part of the room that looked exactly as it does in real life), which was wide open to an inky black night.

"Aha," I thought, "it must be a possum, or a stray cat of some kind. I'll make a series of loud barking/yelling type noises and frighten it off."

Sound reasoning.

As I leaned out and emitted these sounds however, my mind decided to play a mean trick on me.


Hell No.

Wolfman. The damn thing had a face that incorporated the standard wolf structure as well as human aspects (pink skin, round eyes, etc) - added to that I was given the idea that this thing was utterly evil and genuinely nasty.
It nearly bit MY face off and I fell back in shock.

Unsurprisingly this woke me up a degree more and I was able to observe that yes, my heart was beating more rapidly than normal.
I did fall asleep again, but nothing more interesting than stabbing a demon (shaped like something between a bat a manta ray and a piece of car tyre) latched to a brass victorian lamp, planning to punch the wolfbeast if I saw it again, demonic robots battling (which oddly enough seems to be a recurring theme) and a very silent hill-ish bathroom/gym built into a hill featured in my dreams.