The dream began with an odd kind of sensation, like it was raining outside, or that something had happened. It must have been of at least some interest to me, because it was very bothering that I couldn't remember what it was.

Next I'm water skiing. Or maybe not so much water skiing as being towed by a boat without touching the water (despite the fact that my feet were clearly immersed in the stuff). It all has an edge of unreality about it, like it's almost happening but not quite.

Now the speedboat (which I never actually saw, only its wake was visible) takes a sudden turn towards a rocky shore to the left. The rocks are jagged yet flat and smooth.

As I near the rocks I "let go" of whatever I was holding onto, and careen towards the shore (a cartwheeling motion, only horizontal. Like a car caught in a spin). I try to stop myself (how I'm not sure), but nothing can be done. Still skimming the water, I collide with a rock only to be repelled into the sky.

Then I'm above my bed, and I'm looking down on myself. As I watch, I roll and fall out of bed. This has the result of forcing me to abruptly awaken, clutching both sides of the bed (convinced I had in fact fallen).

I should also mention that upon waking, I noticed a scrap of paper next to my bed, upon which I had written:
"Thing ot

it____________has that_______________the
and fear about talk to want"

It was quite legible so there is little doubt that this is what I was actually trying to write.