Television continuity is a part of presentation; the glue that bonds the programmes together. It is essentially the posh term for "the company telling you what programme is just about to start".

There are two types of continuity. Out of vision is the type that is most common today, where the announcer is not seen as he or she announces the programme, most likely an ident is on screen while they talk. They are not seen and generally they do not identify themselves to the viewer.

In vision continuity is continuity which features the announcer typically sitting at a desk in front of a camera announcing the programmes. This is not used so much nowadays, but was very popular around the birth of ITV; many IVC announcers became minor celebrities, and most companies had special sets ready for continuity purposes.

The last ITV company to use IVC in the whole UK was Grampian Television in Scotland. In England, TSW was the last.