Public transport does what it says on the tin-it is transport that is owned by the public, or as it is more commonly interpreted can be used by the public. This encompasses systems such as:

Public transport has something of a reputation for being dirty, slow and inconvenient, especially when under public/governmental control (i.e British Rail). However, once privatised many people yearn for the old company to be magically reinstated despite the complaints the first time round (i.e Railtrack and now Network Rail).

These transport companies can make one hell of a lot of profit while having one hell of a crappy service. The French giant Connex recently lost its rail license in Britain for failing passengers quite exceptionally, even while running bus services all over Europe (including some parts of Russia. Arriva, while being noticably better than Connex on many counts, are still a complete mess and FirstGroup seems to be the only company with any sense.

Yet another example of a good idea ruined by a quest for profits.

See also Paddington Rail Disaster.