"Youth wing of the British National Party, claims to be the radical voice of white youth in Britain". So, in other words, the Hitler Youth.

The BNP are a neo-Nazi group in Britain masquerading as a legitimate political party, led by Nick Griffin-a scumbag in a racist in a copy of the Daily Mail. They welcome convicted nailbombers and other terrorists in their ranks, have many members who publicly state that Hitler was right and many deluded fools voting for them. They also precipitate race riots.

I was given a poster for these arses at school today, and the person who gave them to me said that he would put them up around the school whether the administration allowed them or not (yes, he was a student). In the interests of impartiality, I must point out that another student had put up anti-war posters and they were taken down (albeit begrudgingly) as well.

The text of this is below. I actually went to the YBNP website (one must suffer for his cause) to get this and, well, I'll let it speak for itself. The page is "decorated" (how about "befouled"?) with swastika-esque symbols. They proudly say that these are leaflets "to distribute among colleges and friends". That's if you have any friends after being an out and out racist twat.

I have quoted verbatim and have made no amendments. If you haven't guessed by the end of this that the YBNP are racist scumbags, there's no hope for you.

"Racist attacks are committed by evil whites agains innocent blacks and Asians" is usually the message we have to put up with from the media. But what about white race attack victims. According to official Home Office statistics there are 150,000 racist attacks in Britain each year and out of these 111,000 are committed against white people by ethnic minorities. But the press still ignore it. Recently in Birmingham an 18-year-old white student was savagely beaten by a gang of 20 Asians.

Right. Somehow, this doesn't add up. Their poor spelling and punctuation ain't winning me over either.

Also, the statistics are wrong. The Anti Nazi League says that according to the British Crime Survey, "143,000 incidents of crime or threats against black or Asian people could be considered as racially motivated". The two statements put forward by both parties cannot, logically, be both true.

Facts About Racism In Britain

  • Whenever an ethnic minority is attacked by whites the media go out of their way to give it maximum publicity, but they ignore white victims.
  • Asian gangs are making their presence felt in colleges and schools across the country. Have you noticed the large Asian gangs in your canteen?
  • If a non-white is attacked and the police fail to catch the culprit then there are cries of "institutional racism" but when they fail to stop non-white culprits the media and politicians stay silent.
  • In many parts of Britain there are "no-go areas" for white people.
  • When the media do report attacks against white they're simply described as "robberies" or "muggings" but when ethnic minorities are victim's it's always a "race attack".

Whoops! They forgot the most important one:

  • THE BNP ARE THE ONES *CAUSING* THE RACE ATTACKS! After the BNP won the Millwall by-election, racist attacks rose 300%. Tripled. Also, three black teenagers (most famously Stephen Lawrence) were killed around the former BNP HQ in Welling.

The rest of the poster is fluff about how the "white majority" deserve better. "Asian gangs"? Yeah, there are Asian gangs, except here we call them "groups of mates". There are also white gangs. And to be honest if there are gangs I don't care if they're Asian, black, white, Chinese, Jewish, Christian, male, female, hermaphrodite or mineral. To me, they're just gangs. Period.

I haven't seen these "Asian gangs" in my canteen, I saw some mates having a laugh last I was in there. And to put it bluntly, considering the whole British Empire thing white Brits have virtually no rights to be crying "racism!".

Sigh. You know what they say, "lies, damn lies and neoNazis".

Sources: Anti Nazi League