SuprNova is a website containing links to literally thousands of different downloads on the BitTorrent network (known as "torrents"). Virtually anything is available: from games to music to movies to applications for Windows, Mac and Linux. Some Linux distributions are also available.

The site depends on the contributions of the users, as the site holds no files itself, only links to the BitTorrent files which link to the files proper. Users upload the torrent files and in this way the site grows.

For many things, using SuprNova is comparable if not better than established P2P networks such as KaZaA: the downloads are faster and at a more consistent rate, and it is possible to get a full album from SuprNova in the time it would take to get one song using FastTrack or indeed Gnutella.

The site manages to avoid being shut down by having several mirrors located around the world, and every time someone visits the site a random one is chosen and the user is directed to it. These mirrors range from tolerable to very slow in terms of speed, but most of your time when downloading the files is not spent there, so it works out OK. Also, the section pages (i.e movies, games, music) are very slow to load due to the incredible number of torrents available and the resulting huge page sizes. It is possible to get around this by simply going to NovaSearch, the sites search engine (at and finding your torrent that way.

SuprNova is updated daily, with about 20 torrents added each morning. There are very few, if any, duff torrents and the seedless ones are usually filtered out after a day or so. You can get to it via

UPDATE!: I have been asked to point out that anything downloaded from this site is legally dubious at best. If that wasn't sufficiently clear, now it is.