Salad Fingers is a fairly disturbing animation series on the website, which was brought to greater attention when it was featured by b3ta and Weebl's Stuff.

Salad Fingers is a tall, green "boy" with broken yellowed teeth and large bug eyes. He lives alone in a hut on an eerie flat plain inhabited by what can only be described as the most fucking disturbing things ever drawn. The name comes from his, well, salad fingers.

It's the scariest friggin' thing you will ever witness, and you'll generally come away from watching it with the feeling that you've just been beaten round the face with something heavy.

And did I mention it's endlessly quotable?

All of this generally means that Salad Fingers has a huge fanbase, even if it does scare the seven shades of shit out of most people who watch it.


Episode One
We first meet Salad Fingers and discover his predilection for rust, specifically rusty spoons. He knocks on something's door to try to acquire more spoons. He doesn't, but instead just stops to caress a rusty stovetop kettle.
Memorable Quotes: "I like rusty spoons, I like to touch them. The feeling of rust, on my salad fingers, is almost orgasmic..."

Episode Two
Salad Fingers is having a little get together with "his friends". That his friends are finger puppets does not seem to dissuade him from meeting with them and...tasting them. After sending a small boy into the oven to get his food out, Salad Fingers proceeds to impale himself on a rusty nail on the wall, leaving the oven door to bang shut. He passes out from blood loss, and for some reason ends up in a giant freezer? where he meets one of his friends. Who isn't really friendly. More scary.
Memorable Quotes: "Eugh! Hubert Cumberdale (one of the finger puppets) tastes like soot and poo!", "I like it when the red waters come out" (it is imperative that you do not repeat this quote at horror movies or car crashes)

Episode Three
Salad Fingers is picking up nettles, finds an "abandoned" pram (which he christens a nettle carrier) and wheels it home. Apparently it isn't abandoned at all, and instead owned by someone not dissimilar to Jim Davidson, who knocks himself out banging his head on Salad's door and gets a new name: Milford Cubicle. Meanwhile, Salad Fingers masturbates with some nettles?!!? I wish I was joking. I really do.
Memorable Quotes: "It appears that nettles have made the milk come out of my teat...", "Come and have a sit down if you're feeling a little fatigued, Milford Cubicle"

Episode Four
Salad Fingers (looking stylish in a beret) wants to find France. But some small boy is extremely enamoured with him and won't stop staring, so he decides to find France another day. He is then lured into a trap by the boy (he's always wanted a tap) who keeps him captive in a box. For no apparent reason, he then flies away (possibly with the last line of Motion Picture Soundtrack playing) to freedom. (It's possible that this means he killed himself, although I'm better at interpreting lyrics than I am at interpreting disturbing Flash movies).
Memorable Quotes: "Hello, today I'm going to find France!", "A tap? I've always dreamt of taps".

If all this hasn't simultaneously scared you and made you want to watch it, you're nuts.

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