An absolutely drop dead gorgeous widget style and window decoration for the K Desktop Environment (KDE).

The theme draws heavily from the Windows XP default "Luna" style, but is less rounded and is flatter. It is also less graphically intense, and more stylish. Of course, one of the biggest plus sides is that you can change the colour scheme to suit your needs.

The Plastik style is a nice alternative to the KDE default Keramik theme. While Keramik is kinda tacky and too faux-3D, Plastik is refined and very usable. It fits the included Crystal SVG icon theme well, and comes with its own colour scheme. There are calls for it to be made the KDE default theme, but this is unlikely as it would require massive undertakings, such as the redoing of screenshots in help files and on the website.

Plastik is available from, the repository for KDE theming, and comes as part of the KDE Artwork packages in KDE 3.2 onwards. It has been adopted by Xandros as the default look and feel for their shipped version of KDE. A QTpixmap theme for GTK/GTK2, imaginatively called Plastig, is also available from, and uses the same theme engine as the Geramik Keramik emulation theme. However, even compared to Geramik it seems slightly rough compared to an original GTK theme.