One of the funniest shows on British television for quite some while. The second series is by far the funniest, and this is what I will document below (read: I haven't seen series one). Brian Potter (Peter Kay), a disabled club owner, is extremely happy, as are his staff-his club (the Phoenix) is doing great business. This arouses the ire of one other club owner in the area, Den Perry. Pissed off that the Phoenix is stealing his limelight, Perry burns down the club by chucking a cigar into a waste paper bin, gutting all but a few rooms (upon being informed that a discarded fag burnt down his club, he laments having his pride and joy razed to the ground by "some queer"). He knows full well that Perry did it, yet noone will believe him and he is barred from opening another club, or indeed reopening the Phoenix. He sidesteps this by getting his right hand man, Jerry St Clair, to take over the running of the club...well, that's what he thinks, as he'll be worked from behind by Brian. There then follows about 6 episodes of smuggling, murdering, and poor renditions of the Minder theme tune by two Bolton doormen. Some highlights of the series:
The show was screened on Channel 4 over Summer 2002 (that's another fantastic show they've done then) and was made by Goodnight Vienna Productions. You can buy DVDs of the show at