The funniest BBC sitcom in years, My Family focuses on the lives of a typical London family. Typical obviously meaning "completely barmy", as it always does in this context.

Ben Harper (Robert Lindsay) is an early to mid 40s dentist with a strong pessimistic attitude and no tolerance of idiocy/beaurocracy/Conservatism in all its forms. He is proud of his families haberdasher heritage, yet not quite so proud of his contribution to said family.

Susan (Zoe Wanamaker), on the other hand, is a deeply devious, neurotic, manipulating cow, with a desire to know everything about (and control) her families doings and an acid tongue that would make Ann Robinson slightly worried. She can also be incredibly uptight, and she pisses Ben off greatly with her attempts to be oh-so-liberal and yet keep her family on the right track (despite that fact that, far from ever being on the right track, the family derailed with the birth of Nick).

The children are no better-demanding money all the time while at the same time treating their parents with unending contempt-so much so that Ben wishes they would just bugger off for the rest of his life. Michael (Gabriel Thomson) is a know-it-all, big-C Conservative smartarse who, through some act of God, is more popular than the rest of the bunch by quite some way. Despite the difference in political beliefs, he's the most popular with Ben by far.

Janie (Daniela Denby-Ashe) is an airheaded slut who, again through some miracle, managed to get into college, and got knocked up at age 19 (and doesn't want Susan to have anything to do with the baby, understandably). The real star of the show, however, is Nick.

Nick Harper (Kris Marshall) is a deeply, deeply mad person, who moved out of the Harper house yet still keeps coming back (to steal food, cutlery and booze). His job is ever changing, as due to his general dumbness he can't hold one down. He comes up with some of the best lines in the series, and adds some slight surreality to what is usually a very normal, albeit funny, show.

The show succeeds on many levels, mainly because of its attitude towards Conservatives (on being informed that Michael doesn't disappear round a girlfriends house for illicit drugs, only illicit sex, Ben remarks that on that count he's a true Conservative-a cheap shot, but a funny one) and because of its excellent writing. The show didn't pick up much acclaim from the critics-quite the opposite-but the show has an extremely strong following nonetheless, and was BAFTA-nominated.

The show is made by DLT Entertainment and Rude Boy Productions for the BBC, and has a website (like every sodding BBC programme, no matter how pointless) at