Monkey Dust is a sheer piece of comedic genius, created for BBC Three by Talkback Productions.

It's a black comedy cartoon (black being the part where the programme actually has a point to make, in true Dr Strangelove fashion) which is based around a weird city. Very weird. It's almost perpetually nighttime and there's plenty of colourful figures, such as the prisoner who has been released but wants to desperately return and can't adjust to modern life (including a delightful sequence where he murders I-Heart-Such and such a year maestro Stuart Maconie just so he can get put away again), the paedophile (this is the other bit of the black comedy...) and the first time cottager (which is actually quite funny, with EU inspectors coming to ascertain whether the graffitoed promise of "red hot meat" is up to snuff).

I swear, watch this programme and you will laugh at least once. Usually some order of magnitude more.