Why did I do it? It was so stupid. Such a blindingly obvious mistake. This will have big big big big BIG repercussions at some point. I can't comprehend exactly how this will truly affect my life, but it will affecr my life. Mark my words, it will.

I'll be sitting on a park bench in a few years, drinking cheap scotch. And all because of this silly little incident in 2003. A stupid insignificant action. I thought it was such an unbelievably good idea, before I did it. I thought it would save the world, eliminate pollution and cure AIDS. But no, it will fuck my life up big style.

In advance, I'm sorry.

I'm such a pillock. Why do I say sorry too much? It's cos I don't think about the future, I just do things and then apologise later. It doesn't make things better. Would the plant technicians who tried their unauthorised experiment be completely cleared of wrongdoing by saying "Oops, fucked that up a bit didn't we? Sorry chaps" (or its equivalent in Russian) for causing Chernobyl? Would George W Bush suddenly become a man more righteous than Jesus for apologising to all the innocent Iraqis and Afghans that he carpet bombed? Would Hitler be a hero to the world if he said "Oh, bugger, sorry about Auschwitz guys, was a bit silly of me, wasn't it now?" after the Second World War?


Think first, do second, and if it goes pear apologise later. That should be my motto. Not "Oh, shit, sorry".

What did I do wrong, I hear you ask?

I noded goatse.cx. The shame.