Just yesterday, I was walking through the recreational ground behind my house, and some random person started yelling insults at me. Insults about my weight.

What is it about the slightly more portly among us that makes people want to insult them? I didn't know that guy. I only just found out his name. I'd never seen him before, and yet he insulted me.

I just don't get it.

Why? Why should people be insulted for their weight? Exactly why? Are these pillocks so damn insecure that they have to make fun of other people to reaffirm that they are, apparently, the greatest? What is it about the overweight that immediately flicks on a blinking light in certain peoples brains that says "enemy"?

I don't understand why, in this culture, any racist, anti-semetic, homophobic or sexist comment is (quite rightly) jumped upon and ripped to shreds, yet it is somehow acceptable to be fattist? I would lump "insulting fat people because of their weight" in with "insulting black people because of their colour" or "insulting gay people because of their sexuality". But no, apparently hatred of fat people is so ingrained in our society, that noone dares do do anything about it.

School is hell for the overweight. You aren't "Joe Baldwin" you're "that fat bastard", or "you stupid gay fat twat" (I have been called both those things, and I don't know which I should be more worried about-using gay as an insult or using fat as an insult-I'm not gay, but I'm a stickler for tolerance at any rate). It seems we're so obsessed with beauty and looks that we can't look past that and focus on the personality. Apparently, to be successful and be friends with people, you have to fit some kind of Aryan ideal-tall, blonde, blue-eyed, thin thinthin.

Fattism, or as I like to call it lipophobia is a prejudice, which should be labelled as such. It should not have to be taken as a given.

Thank you for your time.