OK, task update-if you want to recheck the task list, please go here.

I have decided to drop the GNOME requirement from the "build-your-own-distro" task. For starters, I hate GNOME and I'm the only person who uses Linux in this house. So, in that case, I have finished the Linux task-scanning involved a kernel upgrade, and those wonderful people at the Linux Printing website had a package which FINALLY made my printer (a Lexmark Z13) work. I've also decided to drop the requirement for staying up to 24hrs rather than 48. 24 is hard enough, 48 would probably kill me.


Total no. of points attainable: 47
Must attain to pass: 39
Days to complete tasks: 40
Number of points already got: 15
Percent of points got: 30%

If you want to set me a task, /msg me. I'll accept a lot of things!