Today, I have set myself a list of things to accomplish before September 1st, when my summer holiday ends, each task having a point value depending on difficulty and significance. I have already completed some of these tasks, and the rest will in some way make me feel a bit better about myself, or at least kill some time. I must complete about 90% of these tasks to achieve success. Here goes...

- Install a web server, and successfully install Slash, Everything, PHPNuke, MySQL
I've done 4/5ths of this already. MySQL was piss easy to install (once I reset the database root password-d'oh), PHP-Nuke was ludicrously simple, Everything took a lot of effort (it pissed me off because of the lack of a writeup function like we have here), but Slash refused to, and still refuses to, install.
2 points for installing the server, 1 point for each extension/system (for installing Slash, you get 3)

Build a Clue-By-Four
I've done this too. I've made it out of an old drawer front. On the front, it says: "Joe's Clue By Four - I smite you with the great sword Cluebringer", referring to the Jargon File entry. I merely have to wave a threat around of its use and people cower in fear. And I've used it three times already. Coooool.
2 points for making the LART

Mix together Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Qibla Cola
My calculations have shown that such a mixture would be not unlike ambrosia. We have all the good parts of all three...together. Great.
2 points for making, 2 points for drinking

Build a fully working Linux system which has scanner support, printing, the very latest kernel and both KDE and Gnome, compiled by hand I have two-fifths of this done, but so far printing has eluded me, scanning doesn't work and I've yet to compile GNOME. I'm using the Linux system now, by the way.
2 points for the base system, with X, and 1 point for each feature fully working

- Make the song "Riding Down A Railway Line, In A Mini Metro", and put said song on a major music site, like peoplesound
"Riding Down A Railway Line, In A Mini Metro" is my idea for a rock song. Basically, it's the guitar ostinato from Ace Of Spades, repeated while I yell the title of the song at varying pitches and notes. It'll be GREAT! least for Anal Cunt fans.
2 points for making the song, 1 point for uploading it to Peoplesound

Get two IT projects done
GCSE IT projects-I have to make a website for an imaginary client (which I'll do using the Nuke install earlier) and do a mail merge (in MS Word). Simple.
2 points for completing both projects, plus one point for each successfully completed

Get Latin coursework done
Roman religion, you choose the title. Piss.
2 points for completing it, plus 1 point if it's over 1000 words, plus 3 if it's 2000 or over (cumulative)

Subvertise at least five objects
i.e deface commercial products so that they give a message. Joy. I've already done one.
Two points for subvertsing five, plus one for subvertising ten, plus three for subvertising fifteen (cumulative)

Stay up for 48 hours
No naps. No sleeping. No bed. Lots of coffee. Hot, sweet coffee. God, this will be hell.
3 points for going the full stretch

Listen to a song by Anal Cunt
I did. And I laughed my ass off. Yay for Gnutella, because my chance of picking up a CD by a band called Anal Cunt in this area (i.e Britain) is nonexistant. BTW, the song was I Just Saw The Gayest Guy On Earth. Note: I'm not a homophobe. This was all I could find, OK?
2 points for listening to the song

Bonus of three points for successfully completing every task


Total no. of points attainable: 47
Must attain to pass: 39
Days to complete tasks: 41
Number of points already got: 10
Percent of points got: 21%

If you want to set me a task, /msg me. I'll accept a lot of things!