I've tried explaining E2 to quite a few people over the past month or so.

Most of the time, I just get bemused looks or an "Oh.". One of my teachers read a writeup I did on GCSE IT, though, which was nice (even though it nearly got me kicked off the school computers...)

But really...you can't really spread the word about E2 effectively. Say I talked to a friend about it...

Me: Hey, unknown generic friend, you heard of Everything2?
Friend: No, what is it?
Me: It's a website, where you write essays and have them voted on.
Friend: Really? I hate essays.
Me: Not really essays, more long emails on a given subject...
Friend: But what's the point?
Me: Um, er, ah...look, a distraction! Whee! (runs off).

See? You can't describe E2 well in words. It sounds like a dorky ass essay site (which it most definitely is not. But hey, I guess...

you cannot be told what E2 is...you have to see it for yourself.