Yay! Exams are over, and now I'm back to plain old school. Wait a minute. That's not a good thing. I'm starting over.

Great. Exams are over. Wooooo-hoo. That means no more study leave, which means less time on E2, which means less time enjoying myself, which means I'm going fucking insane. Hip hip hooray.

On a lighter note, the promise I made to myself to get thin is doing OK. Lost a few kilograms (about 78kg, down from 82) and have officically formed a "keep each other sane" agreement with cousin Nao and mate Geraldine (who are also dieting). We shyed away from the idea of calling ourselves diet buddies because it seemed to imply through its hopeless childish optimism that the next step would be to sew gloves to the outside of our coats.

"We're diet buddies! Yay! We're going to get thin or die trying! YEAH! Everybody sing, you stop drooling..."

Brr. Whoever started the whole diet buddy idea needs to do a lot of work on the PR front. When three teenagers decide multilaterally that the whole idea of the two words "diet buddy" sound like a pile of crap, well, you really can't argue with it.

Major E2 Policy change for me
Right, fuck this. I'm deleting my old shit nodes and replacing them with high quality amazingly splendiferous ones that will knock your socks off, along with various other items of clothing. This is a good thing (I think), and nobody can say it isn't. Consider this proof.