Well, I've done it. It took me ages, but I've hacked together a half decent web page using PHP and MySQL. Basically, it's one page which has options passed to it to influence the page content. In fact, while I think of it, it works just like Everything (try it: go to www.everything2.com/?node_id=1508982 and you'll go to yesterdays' daylog page. My site works in virtually the same way-going to www.joedaism.co.uk/article.php?pageid=5 will take you to the links. Yay for PHP variables!). Except instead of having fun little writeup boxes with Person, Place, Idea and Thing I get a cold, heartless textarea in PHPMyAdmin. I don't know, I might put in something decidedly fluffier when I can be arsed and see what happens. Unfortunately, my inexperience with authentication in PHP of any kind means I'll probably be cracked into within 5 minutes. I'll probably end up hacking together something which sends passwords in cleartext, making things especially fun for anyone with Ethereal or a copy of nmap.

Anyway, I've hit a major stumbling block in my quest for Level 4. I can't actually think of anything to write. I have three DVDs in front of me now, and all of them have been noded in one way or another. I noded my speakers back when I was just a diddy little level two. I noded that time I was essentially given the finger by someone I have feelings for back in summer. I can't node that time I was being kicked off trains by people and had to get the police involved because I'm submitting that for GCSE English (examiners are becoming increasingly proficient with Google, you see). I can't node the TV shows I like because I've already noded them or someone else has. I wanted to submit THE writeup to end all writeups under Red Dwarf but realised that with all the info already there why fucking bother? There's nothing left to node. My life experiences amount to going to Spain, drinking two litres of San Miguel in about five minutes and noticing that I was decidedly horizontal a few moments afterwards. I'm 15. I know next to nothing compared to some others here. At least some other people here have the nuts to node stuff that actually happened to them, rather than hiding behind little writeups about fucking command line configuration programs and synthetic rubbery stuff. Goddammit, I need a life, merely so I can get about 4XP for it! Ah well.

I don't know. I might take some of the stuff that was, in my mind at least, unfairly deleted, and then stick it on my site. It's not something I really relish doing, since in all honestly I'd like to at least get 1XP or so for it, but hey ho.

Blimey, that was a long rant. I'd like to thank coffee and my determination to speak utter bollocks for vast periods of time for giving me the ability to type up this stream of consciousness. Enjoy your vote dumping, and take some time to examine the various witty pipelinks I've sprinkled throughout this masterpiece :)