And here follows my E2 Is Back Online w00t-a-thon:


Chamone muthaf*cker!

E2 is back online and {Red Dwarf|kicking bottom]!


This is a distinct change from the last month and a bit, where I have been sitting up until ungodly hours, slowly refreshing the E2 Slashbox in hope that someone has cooled something-a sign of life-rocking back and forth muttering "E2....gone...." while sipping coffee and listening to Royksopp backwards.

(Note: some artistic license has been taken by the previous description of my mental state. I was actually drinking tea.) After about 15 days of E2lessness, I panicked and went onto Wikipedia. While informative, slick, not very laggy and, for the most part, communistic, the realisation dawned on me that it was, in fact, total bollocks. Where was Butterfinger McFlurry? dannye? All the wonderful people? It was dull. I'll be here for some time yet :)

Oh, and before I end this daylog, I would like to say that the complete fools who just redesigned BBC News 24 to look like Sky News are wankers, mostly because I watch News 24 for the simple reason that it isn't Sky News. Stupid pricks.