An absolutely sickening incident in the first Gulf War. Amiriya was a reinforced concrete bunker that sheltered around 1000 people. The walls are several feet thick, designed to withstand conventional or nuclear blasts.

On Feb 13th 1991, two American bombs hit the shelter one after the other. The first knocked a hole in the shelter and the second followed five minutes afterwards, incinerating all but 10 of the 400 people in the shelter, all civilian women and children. What makes this all the more disgusting is that the US Army had the coordinates to the shelter and information that it was a civilian shelter, however they proceeded with the bombing on the premise that it was actually a hidden weapons cache. Temperatures of above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit burned shadows of women into the walls, similar to how they would have in a nuclear blast. Blackened and melted skin still remains on the walls of the shelter. One bomb, it would have been an accident; two, it was deliberate. One survivor is now in a mental hospital. No compensation has been offered.

The hole in the roof of the shelter still remains, and despite looting pictures of the dead are scattered around. The Army stated that there were no military targets anywhere near Amiriya, and it took a week for NATO to admit that it had made a mistake.