American developmental psychologist - currently (2002) a professor in Cognition and Education and adjunct professor in psychology at Harvard University. Most famous for his multiple intelligences theory.

This theory, published in his 1983 book "Frames of Mind," describes intelligence as having 8 forms:

1. logical

2. linguistic

3. bodily kinesthetic

4. musical

5. spatial

6. interpersonal

7. intrapersonal

8. naturalist

Definitely see the node multiple intelligences for more information.

Background: Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania on July 11th, 1943. Graduated Harvard A.B. 1965, Ph.D 1971. Also attended the London School of Economics. Married to Boston College pyschology professor Ellen Winner, with 4 children.

Other Achievements: MacArthur Prize Fellowship in 1981

Guggenheim Fellowship in 2000

18 published books, the latest of which is "The K-12 Education That Every Child Deserves" (I hear it's a good read)

18 honorary degrees from various universities