Are you serious?

Music can't be broken down and examined "objectively." Music isn't supposed to be measured in terms of the quality of the production, or the technical skill of its performers. It can't be graded on its presentation, on its melodies and harmonies, its relative popularity or obscurity, or how many odd time signatures you can squeeze into it.

Music isn't about having crystal clear production or fuzzy lo-fi superiority. It isn't about playing blistering technical solos or simplistic sloppy guitar lines which thumb their nose at the idea of technical skill. It doesn't matter if the composer uses complex and "unique" chord progressions. It doesn't matter if they use the same old, tired chord progressions that everyone has been using since the dawn of music. It doesn't matter if the lyrics are an elaborate epic poem or a simplistic singalong. Hell, it doesn't matter if there are vocals or lyrics at all. It doesn't matter if the song has "stood the test of time" or if it's the hottest, hippest cool new thing. All of that, it doesn't matter at all. It's all just bullshit.

The only factor that determines music's worth is: If you like it. That's all. Simple enough? You would think so.