"Look, mum! Look what I made!" I grab her hand, and pull her towards the lounge room, to be greeted by a big, friendly pile of multicoloured K'NEX. She frowns at the mess, but I don't see her. I'm too excited - I can't wait to show her ROBODINOSAUR.

I drag her closer to the big pile of K'NEX, and let her hand go. I point at a jumbled heap of connected plastic sticks. "Look! It's Robodinosaur!" Mum looks confused.

"Where, honey?" She asks. I get a little bit impatient.

"Here, mum! See?" I gesture at the creation in my hand. "There's his tail! And his head! And that big one is his eye!" I point to separate parts of my Robodinosaur, hoping desperately she can see what it was meant to be.

"Wow, honey, that's great," She says. She says it unenthusiastically, I can tell she doesn't like it.

"Oh... Okay. Thanks mum," I say. She goes back to her chores. I feel dissapointed. Robodinosaur isn't good enough for mum. "I'll show her!" I say, and I flick the switch on Robodinosaur's engine. He buzzes to life! *CLICK-CLICK-CLICK*. His leg starts to spin around slowly. It gets caught on one of his neck spikes - OH NO! His leg snaps off, which disconnects his back, and his tail, and his neck. Robodinosuar is no more.

I was seven.

Since the death of Robodinosaur, I haven't been interested in K'NEX. Until now. We have to make an invention for science. An invention that can do jobs. I have a plan. I take out the K'NEX and lay them on the floor. This time, I make sure there isn't a huge pile of mixed pieces. I collect all the white snowflake looking connector bits, and put them in a pile. I do the same with the yellow half-ones, and the red ones with three bits. I finish sorting. This is gonna be great!

Finally I've finished. I've got really sore thumbs, but that's okay. Oh, and I've replaced the little green ones with razors.

NAME: Razorslice.

DESCRIPTION: A sturdy build, its main feature is the large circular-saw-like attatchment on its head. Looks deadly.

JOB: Slices bread.

"Look, mum! Look what I made!" I grab her hand, and pull her towards the lounge room. I gesture towards Razorslice and she seems impressed. We take him into the kitchen. We take out the bread. I flick on the engine, and his razor starts up. I slowly move the bread through the razor. IT WORKS PERFECTLY. Mum is impressed.

The next day, I take Razorslice to school. Everyone thinks he is really cool, including Miss. Miss asks if she could please take Razorslice home with her, because she cuts her bread with a clumsy knife. I shake my head, and suggest she orders sliced bread at the bakery.

These days, Razorslice lives in the kitchen next to Robodinosaur. That's right, I've remade Robodinosaur. His job is to keep Razorslice company. I think he's really cool.