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Lawrence House, and its twin sister, Morris House, were built in 1891 to house students, in response to Smith's growing enrollment. Lawrence has the distinction of being one of the first houses to be named after Alumae. Lawrence House is named for Elizabeth Crocker Lawrence, who graduated from Smith in 1883; received her masters degree from Smith in 1889; and later served as a college trustee and president of the alumnae association. In 1912, Lawrence was chosen for an experiment in 'self-help', where the residents preformed all chores of the house with the exception of cooking.

Today, Lawrence House continues to house 67 residents, each participating in House duties like kitchen duty and Tea Duty. Lawrence House residents gather for socializing in the living room, or the TV room. Since Lawrence residents eat their meals in Consolidated Dining in Tyler House, the dining room has been turned into a rec room with a pool table.Lawrence has 33 single rooms, 17 double's, and a kitchen for the residents to use.

Lawrence House, is very conveniently located right next to the Post office,Inconvenience, the Green Street Shops and Mendenhall.