I've never eaten it, but I once saw a headcheese at a party, sitting on a large platter in the centre of a table. I had no idea what it was that I was looking at. It appeared to be multi-coloured wads of some sort of meat, bound together and suspended in gelatine. But it had a thing sticking out from one side. When I leaned over for a closer look, I realized the thing was actually a tooth, fully intact.

I asked the host what this dish was and how it was made. Boil half a pig’s head, (everything included), four pig’s feet, onions, and some spices for two hours, remove bones (and teeth) place in a mould and that's headcheese! Yum.

I pointed out as discreetly as I could that this headcheese still had its teeth and it was whisked away to the kitchen for repair.

It is also known as zure zult.