My machine is acting up again.

I started to send out an email in MS Office and my cursor turned into a clock that just spun in mid-air.

It's still doing it.

Clippy (or Clippit, whatever his name is), the office assistant, popped up as a paperclip but his wire body got all screwed up and he just kind of slid down to the end of his piece of paper in slow motion.

He's now sitting on the end of it, but he only has one eye and the rest of his partially dismembered paperclip body is all scrunched up.

There's a little lightbulb by his head which means he has a suggestion.

I'm going to try to CTL+ALT+DEL my way out of this. I don't care what he has to say.

Feh. Didn't work.


As always, please enjoy the pipe-links.