When I saw this film sittng on the shelf of my local video shop I was reminded of that pretty good 70's series "The Invisible Man" starring David McCallum. So I parted with three quid, and fed the thing into my tape hungry VCR last night.

What a load of baloney!. Although the film had an 18 certificate, it seemed to be aimed at 9 year olds, with its absurdly gung-ho characters, cardboard acting and big shiny (and utterly unrealistic) science lab. Presumably the 18 certificate relates to the gratuitous violence which appears for no reason halyway through the film (a violent rape, albeit not graphically depicted) and continues from there.

The idea of invisibility should allow all kinds of intriguing plot turns. This film manages to avoid them all. I did like the yummy Kim Dickens though, if only for her habit of wearing no bra and a flimsy top which unbuttoned itself while she was sleeping. Also the film did not contain snide anti-British references, which few Hollywood movies seem complete without these days.