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I squeezed out into the world shortly after the big war which puts me squarely into the baby boomer generation. I have sold out to comformity most of my life but I am getting a little squirrelly in my last third. I grew up with an Opie-fied existence in a small southern town in a dry county in a misguided state. I remember when colored meant balcony and separate facilities and when the local highway patrol was sent to Tuscaloosa to guard another George Dubya. My education was fun but sparse in high school and college was a good social outing. I married before I reached manhood and regreted it immensely. The bride of my youth now has passed leaving my son, a fine young man and memories both good and bad. I did my time with Uncle in the cold north and in the Land of the Morning Calm. In between, I completed my graduate degree at OU and bought my first goat roper truck. When I was tired of Sam and he of me, I returned to the Heart of Dixie. I spent some time in PC working and sweating in industry, then Ma Bell saved me from hard work for a long time. Young bride and I split; she decided that men were not for her. I spent four hard fought years sewing seeds never sewn before, until I found a little Bell girl to settle me back down. Fatherhood at forty was fine, I always wanted a little princess. My father didn't have a good toe hold so my heart had a bicupid valve which threatened to seize. I had it sliced and a good low bid artificial valve put in. I left Ma, did consulting on my own for a couple of years. Killed five years working for a friend. I taught business at a college for 5 years and now I work for a social service agency. I have gone from someone with conservative values to someone who says quit killing our young folks in Irag and I don't care to line the pockets of fat investor cats and CEOs in the big companies. I am not quite blue but definately not bright red. I am not a trained writer but I like to write.