I've got no kids, but my sister does, so I got a little family-values education from her. Though I still don't know why she found "Beavis and Butthead" objectionable (Really, I don't. There's more violence on cop shows, more sex on "Friends", more cussing on "ER", and more idiocy on the evening news), I do understand why she blocked MTV on the family television: way too many pro-alcohol moments during the Spring Break specials. I mean, what's MTV's primary audience? College students? Or impressionable pre-teens?

Anyway, the greatest objection to the stereotypical "family values" candidate or organization is that they push a very narrow definition of "family"--a mother, a father, and some kids, all belonging to a fundamentalist Christian church--and that they sometimes demonize families that do not fit their rigid definition. Additionally, they have been known to designate issues like abortion, arts funding, music and television censorship, and civil rights as "family values" issues, when they clearly have nothing to do with families.

Actually, real family values do not conform to any political party's agenda. The best defenders of family values are families themselves. Something that important should not be turned over to a bunch of politicians.