Well, that would be a perfectly credible movie, but "T3n" just isn't as catchy as "Se7en", so there's a better chance that the studio would go with "Se7en 2: Elec7ric Boogaloo". And what would that look like? Come, let us look deep into the bowels of a studio executive's mind...

Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are both back, this time played by David Chokachi and Usher. Gwyneth Paltrow is not back, but Pitt/Chokachi's new wife is played by Jenna Elfman.

Anyway, the police are again investigating mysterious and gory murders. First, a man known for his great happiness and contentment has been found dead, a bloody smile carved into his face. The word "HAPPY" is found written on a joke book on his desk. Then a man with very bad allergies is murdered, his sinuses pulled out through his nose and the word "SNEEZY" written on a nearby Kleenex. After a comatose patient in the hospital is found crushed and suffocated under 8,000 pounds of blankets, pillows, and teddy bears with the word "SLEEPY" written on her medical chart, the detective played by Usher finds himself whistling "Heigh Ho" and realizes that the killer has a fixation on "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"...

Can Chokachi and Usher discover the serial killer before he completes his seven murders?
Shouldn't a city that gets this much rain be under six feet of water by now?
Whatcha wanna bet that Jenna Elfman ends the movie poisoned with an apple stuck in her mouth?
And that Chokachi will be designated "Dopey"?