Severely spooky book about the UFO phenomenon, written by John Keel. It details an area of West Virginia which was plagued by weird happenings throughout 1968. Some of the bizarre occurences included cattle mutilations, over 100 sightings of strange lights in the sky, about 70 sightings of Mothman (a mysterious figure with large wings, red eyes, and a threatening attitude), many encounters with unearthly men in black, telepathic aliens, sinister phone calls (sometimes coming through telephones that have actually been disconnected), and ominous prophecies.

Keel claims that most major UFO flaps are accompanied by a similar air of surrealism and terror--usually ignored by both the hardened skeptics and the ardent believers--that affects only residents in the area or determined investigators. He doesn't believe that UFOs come from outer space; he thinks they come from another dimension and were once called elves, goblins, fairies, and demons. He doesn't believe they're nice guys--he says they like to play with humanity, tell lies, and sometimes kill, just to amuse themselves.

No matter what you believe about UFOs, the book is an interesting--and damn scary--read.