Return to The Blood is the Life: A Frightful Halloween Quest (idea)

Adorable [ghost]s and [witch|witches] on [Hallmark] cards. Costume-party [Barbie] dolls. Harvest festivals.

They're trying to kill off what Halloween is all about. They want to bury it deep beneath a mound of cartoon naiveté, [saccharine] sweetness, and political correctness. They want to make [Halloween] safe.

They're doomed to failure.

The darkened closet. The rotting skull. [Hot] breath on an innocent throat. Low chuckles in shadowy attics. Open [grave]s.


They can't kill that with purple plastic pumpkins, [Power Ranger] costumes, or moralizing letters-to-the-editor. But they'll still try, won't they?

Fight back.

And earn [XP] for it, too.

Halloween traditionally sees a horror story Quest here on E2--last year, [Rancid_Pickle] gave us [Everything Quests: Scary Stories], and before that, [icicle] put together [I can make you howl. And vice versa. Let's get down to business.] Same thing now: write an original scary story or node a story that is in the public domain. It can be any length and any topic--as long as it's scary. You can even node true stories, if you have them, but make sure they're [scary]--straight factual writeups won't cut it here.

Your reward? You mean other than upvotes? Other than any chings? Other than the bliss of scaring the pants off innocent readers? [Lucy-S] is co-sponsoring this Quest, and she'll hand out treats of 13 XPs for every writeup you submit for the Quest. There is a limit of ten blessings per noder, but you're welcome to add more than ten writeups. (though I may participate in this Quest, none of my writeups will receive the 13-point blessing; however, I'm insisting that Lucy get the 13 XPs, 'cause her stuff's so damn good)

Be warned: if you cut-and-paste or plagiarize someone else's copyrighted work, your writeup will be deleted, and you'll be assessed a -13 XP penalty.

What's the runtime for the Quest? The entire month of October, plus November 1, server time. Yes, if you've already written a scary story this month, it can still count.

When you write a story for the Quest, just /msg me with the node title and softlink your writeup to this node. I'll include a list of all the Quest participants below.

Let the fear begin.
[Numbers] by [MALTP]
[My rotting sweetheart] by [Jet-Poop|yours truly]
[O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!] by [kthejoker]
[Maud] by [XWiz]
[today i clean her little fingerprints from my window] by [etouffee]
[There's a certain silence driving me mad] by [kthejoker]
[Pushing Flesh] by [XWiz]
[At the Funeral] by [borgo]
[death grip] by [Rancid_Pickle]
[Day in the Life] by [malcster]
[The Wreck of the Evangeline] by [kthejoker]
[How to kill your mates on Everything2] by [shyHyena]
[Whelmed by the Bemming] by [AnBolb]
[The Reenactment] by [drownzsurf]
[Can'st thou not minister to a mind diseased?] by [allseeingeye]
[Chucky's vagina] by [TheDeadGuy]
[My life may no longer be my own] by [RPGeek]
[your dreams in a little box in the closet] by [kthejoker]
[Enough of this Teacher] by [Simulacron3]
[Viper] by [Ereneta]
[Pale opaque bricks] by [JohnnyGoodyear]
[Losing grip] by [aionaever]
[In meinen Träumen kommt sie zu mir and verlässt mich gleich danach] by [izubachi]
[Helpless to my own mistakes] by [weasello]
[Live and Run and Hate] by [Mukkachuk]
[beautiful and sick, like oak apples] by [Narya]
[We were never really friends] by [kthejoker]
[The child, she cannot sleep] by [symptoma]
[The last vermin] by [symptoma]
[Finest Hour] by [PopeHypocriteIII]
[October 19, 2003] by [BuffcorePhil]
[White Hole] by [PopeHypocriteIII]
[Stone Fox] by [XWiz]
[Dead chicks rock the house] by [pelsmith]
[Of Gingerbread Houses, and Happy Endings] by [arcanamundi]
[Little Orphant Annie] by [Lometa]
[Unwelcome visitors] by [weasello]
[Decomposing] by [kthejoker]
[What to do about trolls] by [Rancid_Pickle]
[Fall of Darkness] by [Lucy-S]
[Inside the gingerbread house, the witch is waiting] by [icicle]
[October 21, 2003] by [randombit]
[A House Divided] by [PopeHypocriteIII]
[Coyote]/[la nina|La Niña] by [Lucy-S]
[Friends in Life and Death] by [Sverre]
[The Park] by [TanisNikana]
[Cut to the chase] by [PopeHypocriteIII]
[I want you in my mouth] by [lovejoyman]
[Delicious jams and jellies] by [Servo5678]
[You're never alone] by [kthejoker]
[Hot coals in inky night] by [MoonBox]
[I want you in my mouth] by [nota]
[I'm not what you think] by [Servo5678]
[For what you wish] by [Wiccanpiper]
[The Letter] by [Photon Hills Pimp]
[This isn't a fairy tale] by [Servo5678]
[Deadlines] by [69lovesongs]
[Now that was a scary ending] by [TehBesto]
[purple_curtain is an undead brain-eating zombie] by [AnBolb]
[Occam's Revenge] by [briglass]
[Friedrich Wilhelm von Junzt] by [Jet-Poop|yours truly]
[Just a collection of ones and zeroes] by [Servo5678]
[Don't send me roses] by [no_one]
[Be nice to smokers: any cigarette can be their last] by [BuffcorePhil]
[The Marching of the Ants] by [GoodKingNerdnor]
[Tinkle] by [Ouroboros]
[Seal of Solomon] by [AriaMech]
[I've got the music in me] by [Servo5678]
[Complex Massacre] by [NickLandry]
[She runs] by [Cornbread]
[With this plant I can take on the world] by [Servo5678]
[The Giant Pumpkin Murders] by [GrouchyOldMan]
[The Strangeness] by [ac_hyper]
[Why there is no moloch13] by [moloch36]
[Murder in the Red Barn] by [Timeshredder]
[The Rear-Guard] by [epli_ellifu]
[Cursed vehicle] by [Voodoo Chile]
[Bianca and the Little Blue Bear] by [artman2003]
[Good fiction has a price] by [Servo5678]
[A Death in the Nodegel] by [allseeingeye]
[Marie] by [Cinderella]
[Dream Log: October 31, 2003] by [Inflatable_Monk]
[A Death in the Nodegel] by [kthejoker]
[In my spare time, I enjoy the occasional murder] by [RMSzero]
[A Death in the Nodegel] by [sam512]
[Quarantine] by [Lord Brawl]
[Wink] by [TenMinJoe]
[The Giant Pumpkin Murders] by [Cinderella]
[The Birth] by [isle]
[The Giant Pumpkin Murders] by [Jet-Poop|yours truly]
[Bad fiction has a price] by [isogolem]
[Prospecting the Oort] by [smartalix]
[easier] by [sid]
[Utopia] by [XWiz]
[The Fear of the Vampire] by [Simulacron3]
[The map of his purpose] by [lovejoyman]

The Quest is now over! Thanks to all who contributed scary stories this year!