I'm done mourning.

I'm still respectful and sympathetic. I didn't lose anyone two years ago, but lots of people did. The fact that I'm not mourning anymore doesn't mean I'm refusing to let folks who lost family and friends continue mourning.

But I'm definitely through mourning.

I'm done with getting guilt-tripped, too. From now on, no one is allowed to tell me that I have to support the President, have to support his wars, have to support the Patriot Act, have to excuse the EPA for lying about environmental hazards from the collapse of the WTC, have to support indefinite detentions, random searches, secret wiretaps, databases of citizens' reading preferences, past drug use, political affiliation, and sexual history because "everything changed on 9/11". And anyone who wants to even pretend that dissent is treason should feel free to fuck off. Permanently and lethally, for all I care.

But I'm looking forward to next September. The Republican Party is going to hold their nominating convention in New York City. They've even scheduled it to coincide with September 11. They plan to exploit 9/11 for their own political purposes. Not a big surprise, really, since Bush and his cronies have been exploiting 9/11 for less-than-American purposes for the past two years. Something tells me that New Yorkers aren't going to be amused by this. Something tells me the protests, if the administration even allows them to go on, are going to be impressive.

I've considered taking a trip to NYC next September, but I half-suspect that my political opinions have put me on the CAPPS do-not-fly list. Heck, I half-suspect that a red terrorism alert will be declared for the Big Apple for all of August and September. Nothing like martial law to put the kibosh on protestors, right? But if it's allowed to go on, y'all have a brew for me. I'll be with you in spirit, if nothing else...

Another anniversary, another daylog